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CureCrete Distributions


Curecrete Distribution, Inc. - the company is a manufacturer and distributor of products for compaction and polishing of concrete and concrete coatings. The company's headquarters is located in Springville, Utah, USA. The company's leading products are the Ashford Formula and RetroPlate systems, as well as an extensive line of auxiliary products for concrete.


Curecrete is the creator of the concept of compacting and polishing concrete. Over the years, the company has been leading in both industries thanks to its high-quality products and a wide network of branches throughout the world. Curecrete continues to lead, producing and delivering proven products, with constant innovative development.


As the discoverer of the concrete hardening system, Curecrete Chemical Co. over the years has built its own industry of dusting and hardening of concrete floors. At the moment, more than 232 million m² of concrete floors have been made around the world using the company's products, in particular Ashford Formula.

Central Asia

In the Central Asian market, CureCrete products are represented by Chemistry. The company's specialists strictly follow the rules and regulations for the application of CureCrete products, maintaining a consistently high level of results.

For a long period of stay in the region, the company has earned the trust of representatives of many spheres, including such important and important government agencies as health, construction, finance and the municipality. The company continues to grow and develop in the region, new offices and points of sale are opening up, the range of goods being presented is expanding.